Thursday, December 18, 2008


Pauline, of Pog and Em, has received my BackTack 4 swap package, so I can post now! Woohoo! :D

The theme was Gold, Frankinscence, and Myrrh. Which translates as, something shiny or gold (Gold), something for the senses, that you can taste or smell or whatever (Frankinscence), and something special just for them (Myrrh).



I drew the image, making a composite of a few different pics I found on the net, onto linen, and embroidered it. I didn't do the faces, because 1. I liked the style of the linen as a detail of the image, and 2. I really hate how hard it is to translate an expression on a face using just thread, which made the decision for me (Jesus, btw, used to look a lot cuter til I tried to draw him in permanent ink on my final piece AFTER all the embroidery. Argh.) :p Then I made the back Star of Bethlehem, sewed them together and put circles of cardboard and fleece inside for body, and beaded around the edge, to both pretty it up, and hide the hideous join of the two sides! lol


I made these as hotpads, for putting pots on, and scenting the air at the same time. Linen, and vintage print edging them, and then filled with whole spices..cinnamon quills, cloves, cardomom seeds, oh, and ground ginger, cause I had no dried ginger pieces. And it made it all through customs!! Woohoo! lol Anyway, Pauline is using them as sachets in her bedroom, and now I am in love with the idea of a spice scented bedroom (they are STRONG scented...I stored them in my sewing room while I finished the rest of the package off, and my whole sewing room smelled delicious, lol!) My first photo of these were front on, side by side. Yeah. I had to retake them. Just was not what I was going for! rofl

And Myrrh:

The just for her part got a little overboard..I kept adding one more thing and one more thing, while waiting for the yarn to arrive. The yarn is hand dyed, supersoft, and the most beautiful colors..If I were a yarn artist like Pauline, I would have been sorely tempted to hoard it myself. :p

The flower pin is made the same way as my poppy pin, but in dark blue, and clear teardrop shaped beads in the middle.

And then a little zip bag from a vintage...something...I am not sure what it was, but I *think* it was a teatowel...or something. Natural colored coarse weave, almost like burlap, but from cotton, and softer, with woven in stripes of aqua. And then I bound the inside seams, because the weave was so loose, with an aqua binding, but the less said about that, the better. Really. :p

And, of course, some chocolates. Gotta have some choc, right?? :p

Thank you, Pauline, for a wonderful swap! And thank you to the BT4 team for organizing!


Hoppo Bumpo said...

Your stitching is lovely. The ornaments are so beautiful.

I love the idea of the scented hotpads. That spice combination sounds like a good one to try.

Tonya said...

WOW! I would have been
SO excited to receive this gift! The ornament is gorgeous! And the hot pad idea is great, may have to copy that one ; )

Liz said...

What a great package to send.I bet the hot pads smell amazing. How about posting the "recipe" for the spices.

pogm said...

Hi Murali
Love the photos - they are much better than mine! But then its dark here a lot of the time at the moment :-)
Just wanted to say thanks for your gifts. The 'hotpads' are making my bedroom smell
love Pauline

Caitlin said...

I saw your hot pads in the flickr pool and had to come check them out. It's an awesome Christmas present idea! {For those late people like me.}

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