Friday, December 12, 2008

Topstitching glory..

You, my adoring fans, will now bask in the glory of my topstitching skillz. (Whoa..scuze the wrinkles! Hadn't noticed just how BAD they were before! :p )

Come..have a closer look..

Whoa! Back up! Too close!! :p

Would you believe, though, that is the best closeup of the freezer paper stencil I took?? What was I THINKING!!

Anyway..the pants are Ottobre..something; the top is Target; and the stencils are done with the same stencil, sort of. I cut out the beetle, very carefully, and saved all the negative bits; when I ironed on the outline, I was able to line up the cut out bits and iron them on, too.

And then, I took the perfect shape of a beetle I had cut out of the other stencil, laid it down on the front of the t-shirt, ironed it on, and then made it a negative image by dabbing black screenprinting paint all around it with a sponge (the blue was also screenprinting paint, too.) Came out supercalifriggingawesome, to quote my boy. :lol:

(Funny detail...I started this a couple days after making up my pocket tut, and while doing the ten trillion pockets and patches in this pattern, I remembered that I had learned that technique FROM Ottobre mag years ago! lol)


CurlyPops said...

That is so cool how you used the negative and the positive stencil, and amazing topstitching! It's always a bit scary when the fabric and cotton are completely different colours, but they look completely professional.

Appliejuice said...


I so agree with your son!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, what topstitching? I'm looking at the beetle! I have wanted to try freezer paper stencils for a long time, but your beetle seals the deal for me. I'm doing it. Right now.

Oh, THAT topstitching - very nice!

Liz said...

I. Love. These.

cindy said...

No wonder your son was excited. This came up so good - Love the idea of using both the stencils!

Momo said...

Nice job! Do you have links to how to do these stencils or plan to do a tutorial?

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

SUH-weet!! You did such a great job on these!

Chole said...

ohh, double needle? I have a machine that will do that but haven't had the guts/right project to try it out on. Those look fantastic.

muralimanohar said...

Chole-No, not a double needle..that's why i'm so excited, rofl! That's all me, baby!! :D I HAVE used a double needle, but mostly when hemming knits and stuff, to mimic a coverstitch.

Momo-Hoppo Bumpo has a tut she put up recently..look at her sidebar for the link:

And then Craftster has a million and one tuts and tips and inspiration.

Everybody-thanks for the compliments!! I am totally proud of myself with this one, rofl.

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