Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A new life....

My sister is in labor....good luck, kiddo!!! :D

I, on the other hand....as of yesterday, I had three diapers sewn. Now I have a couple more. Good thing I wasn't making the newborn size, isn't it? :p

I don't even have the threads clipped. Lemme tell ya...diapers are a real creativity killer. I am getting NOTHING done while I avoid them, lol. Oh, well, time to get over it, and get sewing!! They are getting sent over on the 6th, and I still have a million to do! :o


Marie Louise said...

How cute are those! You actually sew them? They're washable, right? I have to admit I was a disposable gal myself. Congratulations to your sister - hopefully she's delivered by now!

muralimanohar said...

I'm a disposable kind of gal myself, too, lol, but my sister really, really wanted to go cloth, but couldn't afford the startup costs, so I offered to sew them for her. I was planning to sew two sizes, and then after that, she could swap (HUGE cloth diaper swapping community online!) for the next ones, but after all this trouble, she is going to damn well hang onto these forever and ever, amen, for all the future kids in this family (which will NOT include me, thankyouverymuch..I am DONE, lol!)

And no show yet...taking her time!!!

Tonya said...

Cute diapers!!!! I really need to start cloth diapering again, oh wait, she is almost 2 1/2, I really need to potty train her! LOL

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