Friday, May 16, 2008


I seem to have missed....3 posts?? Or two...or something. Anyway. Here is why:

I call it Extreme Crafting. Dh calls it whining because I had to go work with him for the last three days, sanding and polishing this floor and set of stairs. Whatever.

While I was gone, I got the news that Liz from The Quilted Turtle, one of my Pay It Forward winners, got her package, so I can FINALLY show it to y'all!

A few years ago, dh went to Beijing for a few months for work, and while he was there, he visited the famous dirt market (OMG how much I wish I had been there!!) and bought me a bunch of various assorted beads and jewellery, this jade turtle among them. It's been sitting around on the bottom of my bead box since then, and as soon as I saw that Liz was among the comments on my post, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it.

The turtle is attached by ribbons sitting in grooves carved along the sides, rather than through a hole drilled through the middle. Very cool. The tassel itself is made from ripped shantung silk strips, ribbons, strands of lavender and cola brown seed beads, and mother of pearl and metal charms. I love it. :)


Susie Harris said...

Im so luv'in that cute little tassel! Im a sucker for tassels you know =) That one's way to cool. Would you call it a tassel? Thanks for leaving that perfect comment. You brought up something that I wanted to post about but was too afraid to. Commercial blogs... I left you a comment back at my blog under yours. Maybe people will read and see that it's no fun reading commercials. I just didnt want to make anyone upset with me. Thanks again for helping me say what I wanna say.. Keepin' it real, Susie H

Liz said...

I love your photo of the tassel. I feel so special that you used that turtle on me! It is amazing!

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