Monday, May 05, 2008

Rings n Slings

Okay, so am just having to cross my fingers and hope I got these right. Two ring slings for my sister's kiddo.

I went for girly, and commando girly. :p The first one is a light lawn, double layered, perfect for nice Hawaii weather. The second is a light drill...a camo print, but the camo is think the dad'll be a little less shamed to wear it? :p I bought the superstrong, marine grade rings from Bubba Earth, if for some reason, you happen to live in Australia, happen to be looking to make slings or diapers (I also got TouchTape there, too), and happen to be poking through this here blog. They were communication, ordered Saturday night, sent Monday, arrived Tuesday morning. Nice. I used the instructions over at Maya Wrap, totally clear and relatively easy to follow for a complete visual person like me. :p They even have a vid on how to wear it properly if you need. I probably should have looked at it, cause I am not sure that doll is supposed to be sticking out that much, lol.

DD's Josefina doll did duty as the model. I was SORELY tempted to stick the puggle in, cause, well, it would have been funny. :p But somehow I didn't think the soon-to-be-parents of a precious bundle of joy would have appreciated a dog ass in their little treasure's cocoon...being not quite new parents and all, they don't have a true understanding yet of JUST HOW FAR your standards slip once the little poop machine joins the family. Seriously. Manj, if you are reading this, you REALLY HAVE NO CLUE what you will find yourself doing in the coming years. You think you do, but you just don't. This is going to be fun. :p

(Photo is headless cause after five tries, we gave up trying to get a decent pic, and just photoshopped. :p )


Northeast Iowa Mom said...

I love baby slings! They are theeeee one most practical thing you can get for a new baby. I miss hauling a kid around in one! (Mine are all very tall people now.)

Verification Word of the day: sjtyqp. Something a dyslexic cowboy might say to get his horse movin'.

Tonya said...

very cute, I love both of them, not sure how manly the flower camo one is though LOL

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