Wednesday, May 28, 2008

How to make a covered button..

Making all these embroidered buttons, I might as well make a tutorial, right?? I have no idea if it's even of any value, though....covered buttons are ridiculously easy to make!

Okay, to start..I am using these kind of buttons. They come in two pieces, and you need to sew the fabric on. There are other, easier ones, that I like more, that come with a form you use, that just pops it all together, no sewing. I'll mention those later.

So, first...get your fabric ready. I am using a bit of embroidery. You can use anything you want, though..plains, or prints, whatever.

Center it and trace a circle around your image...I used this thread spool, because it just happened to be the right size, and you can peer through the middle hole to center it over the design, so you don't have to guess, and go all wonky.

Cut out your circle;

Sew around the edge;

Gather around the button, pulling tight, and knot off. (Here is where it would change if it were one of those kinds with the form, rather than would center the button on the fabric, and slip the whole thing into the form, and tuck the fabric to the middle)

Center the back piece over the shank; (do the same with the other kind in the form, tucking the fabric edges underneath)

And then center the hole of a thread spool over the shank, and push down *hard*, to get it to click in properly.

Done. :)

Now you can do whatever you want to with them. I made hairbands.

So...whaddya think?? Did it make sense?? If you were trying to figure out how to do these, and sat down in front of this with your supplies, do you think you would be able to successfully come out the other side with a covered button, using my instructions???


Arkerchi said...

Oh... thank u for the tutorial. I had always wanted to make fabric covered button but not sire how.
Really it looks so nice and sweet... I am going to spotlight tomorrow to get those buttons.

Thank you again.

Barbara said...

I think you did a great job with the tutorial. And I'm sure anyone that wants to learn how to make them could follow it easily enough.

I think they are so cute. What else do you use them for? They'd be so cute on pillows too. Have you thought of selling them on Etsy? For those of us that don't embroider so well.

Christine said...

My gosh, those are adorable. *Almost* makes me wistful for a little girl ;)

Little Miss Flossy said...

Cool - I have a ton of self-covr buttons - I always seem to find them at garage sales but never the groovy ric rac or lace. I'm off school tomorrow so may just have to experiment. Thanks for the tutorial.

Tonya said...

great tutorial! I have the pop in type of covered buttons though. However, you have inspired me to embroider some material for buttons, yours are so cute!

muralimanohar said..., hadn't thought of that! I wonder how they would do?? Should check that out. :p Where can they be used?? I guess pretty much anywhere a button can be used. I just happen to really like hairbands made with covered buttons, lol.

Thanks for all the positive feedback, guys!! Nice to know people can actually use it! :p

Little Miss Flossy said...

Hey thanks for the offer, it's in with the new winter fabrics - looks like a lightweight wool but it's a poly-viscose mix (I think). Let me know how you go... otherwise I'm thinking about Plan B...

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