Thursday, May 22, 2008

Unknown and unsung...

Once upon a time, I used to just save pics for my own personal inspiration, without a single thought that I might need to give credit in the future, before I had even HEARD of a blog. I DID save bookmarks, but they all got lost in the Great Crash of '07.

So, I have no idea who created these...I used to know by heart, but that was a while ago, and all I can think of is maaaayyyybe Michelle is in the name somewhere. But I really think it isn't.

ETA: Boy, Michelle was WAY's Wai Ching. :p

These would be staples in my wardrobe, if I had any excuse to spend that kind of money for clothes I couldn't actually wear all that much...except maybe that gorgeous jacket.

These would also be my ideal body shape, if, you know, I wasn't on the short side of average, not very willowy, and the victim of two C-sections. :p

Seriously...I live in Sydney. I have GOT to be able to come up with some good excuses to wear this stuff, right??


onesilentwinter said...

the first photographs is beautiful!

Tonya said...

I know what you mean, the clothes I would wear if I could afford them, had somewhere to wear them AND the body to make them look good. NOT gonna happen LOL A girl can dream ; )

jorth said...

That jacket is FABULOUS!

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