Friday, June 20, 2008

I get it now...

So if anyone is wondering, I *did* get all those diapers done, at least the first set, anyway, sent off on time, and everythings hunky dory. Til I have to start the next size. Yeesh. :p And yepp, that's how I sent them. Threads totally unclipped, and hanging everywhere. How lazy is that?? lol

And I get it now. I read a fair amount of sewing forums, blogs, email lists, etc. And a lot of them have to do with sewing for kids, since that has been a main focus for my sewing for about 14 years now. :p So I see a lot of SnS's (that's Sew and Shows to the uninitiated) featuring a diaper, and I would just be like huh..okay, it's a diaper. Yay. But. Having sewn ninety million of the mindnumbingly boring things, I get it. When you finish sewing them, you feel like you deserve a prize for getting through it, or at the very least some acknowledgment!!! So you put it up for the world to see, all 20 diapers, 10 inserts, and 10 pockets, cause that was a LOT OF WORK, DAMMIT!!! :p


Jodie said...

well i am impressed and definately not thinking Huh ok! Thats a lot of work and I have never sewn a diaper in my life so I am impressed.

Donna said...

That's an impressive load of diapers!
and those cute covers, what a thoughtful gift. I used cloth diapers with Ivy and I can't imagine sewing them all. I sewed a dozen flannel flat diapers and that was enough for me.

Lilli said...

That's an impressive pile o' diapers! You sound relieved :)

Tonya said...

So, that's where you have been, sewing 90 million diapers ; )

They look so cute, hanging threads and all, I am sure your sister is very thankful, cloth diapers are expensive!

Glad your back!

Sasparilla Sue said...

You're the muther*&%$#n' woman!!! A sewing diva! You're freakin' awesome! All right, all right, a little too much? But really, that's very nice of you to do. Your sister will love you extra for it.
I love the monkeys and the froggies!

muralimanohar said...

Thanks, guys....I tell ya, the only thing that got me through was knowing how much my sister will be able to use them. Sheesh.

Tonya-yupp, ninety million diapers, and then six pairs of basic knee shorts that I didn't get a pic of, all while manically running around sending my 13yo dd overseas for a year to a warm climate, therefore needing those shorts. Scuze me while I pass out!

SS-The froggies and monkeys?? You didn't see the two different guitar prints I found! lol Her daddy is a musician, and works in a music store, to boot, so they were PERFECT! :p

Sabii Wabii said...

You did it!
Good job!
I knew you could do it!
That was a lot of work!
Look at how high that pile is!
Whoo Hoo!
Nothing in repetition like that is fun!

Gigi said...

wow! that is a lot of diapers!! they are so adorable tho! i love the sweet prints...i wish i could have commissioned you when i was knee deep in diapers! all my kids had was boring

McArt said...

wonderful work! Your sewing's great... and you make me want to purchase all those nice sewing books you have on your blog!!

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