Thursday, June 26, 2008

Japanese swimming....

Well, that's what the poor little girl will be doing, when she wears these. Swimming. In my first Japanese pattern.

I busted into my vintage sheets (I bought some more since that post), and tried out a pattern from a book I saw around awhile ago, and HAD to buy ...Girly Style Wardrobe, Pattern G, ISBN 9784579111329. OMG....I have used Ottobre mags for years, and Topkids (similar, but Australian, out of print now) for longer, and even traced a Burda pattern or I am not exactly a total noob at tracing patterns. But trying to trace those Japanese ones, I swear to God, I was going crosseyed, and my eyes actually HURT the next day, from the strain of it! Not to mention how freaking hard it was to even find the right pattern pieces, even WITH the identifying letters next to the pattern pieces!! Even after double, triple, and quadruple checking, I still managed to cut one of the pieces from another pattern, instead of the right one. I got it in the end, though. Finally. On to the next problem.

Since the patterns are in centimetre sizes, and I don't have the little girl around to measure, I tried to use the Burda conversion chart, over on SewingMamas, to pick a size three. Okay. So. I have no idea what happened. I traced super carefully, and cut just as carefully, since I didn't want any problems I might encounter be a result of my own sloppiness; so I know it wasn't that. But somehow, I ended up with two little tops that look like they will be short little swing tops for a 5 year old, rather than a little 3 year old. These things are SO wide. I don't know what happened! I double checked pattern pieces, sizes, measurements, etc, and everything matched up; but I still have these little oceans to swim in. :( Very annoying. I'm going to send them anyway, since I know they at least won't be too SMALL, but what a disappointment. (I have just finished googling, and apparently that is a common problem for these patterns..they run wide and short. Hmm...)

The yellow top, btw, is using yellow polka dot fabric. Which I never found yet. I gave up and bought more. So somewhere in my sewing room, there is some rogue yellow polka dot fabric.

The pink and blue was is also a little bit of a disappointment....when I planned it out, I envisioned it with a binding and ruffle in the green on the looks fantastic in my head. But I couldn't find that green at all when I went looking, and had to settle for the was the right color, at least. But just doesn't have the pop I was looking for.

So there you have it. Two cute little tops, that still managed to be disappointments. That isn't stopping me from itching to get into it and try another pattern, though...when I got past all the tracing problems, MAKING them was ridiculously simple, even WITH making all my own bias binding!!!

1 and 2: Pomadour24


Donna said...

Do you remember years ago those pictures that were just a bunch of dots and you'd stare and stare at them and then all of a sudden--dolphins frolicking on the moon. Or something like that. Japanese patterns seem to be like that. Somewhere I read the tip to trace the outline with a colored pencil or pen-it really helps a lot. Also, check the diagrams in the book, because the seam allowances are not always consistent, especially the hem usually has a larger seam allowance. It should be indicated in centimeters.

Tonya said...

*I* think they are adorable! I love the fabric for both of them. I am still not brave enough to try any of the Japanese patterns. I need to get over it though, because I love the style of them.

I wonder why they tend to be short and wide. The Japanese do tend to be short, but definitely not wide!

Little Miss Flossy said...

Oh poor old you! I was making a TopKids pattern last night and it was bad enough, even though it was in English. The fabrics are really cute... so is the pattern. I think I could just about manage that?

muralimanohar said...

Well, I am staring at the sample pic in the book, and at my own pic, and there is a DEFINITE difference in length between the two...I don't understand it!! I know I definitely cut on the right line for the size I chose..this is so frustrating!!! Argh!

Donna-I've heard of that tip before, usually in regards to the Ottobre, Burda, and Topkids patterns, and I've never tried it, 1. because I have no real issues tracing them, and 2. I have an OCD dislike of altering my original, lol..but I think for these ones, I am going to have to push past that...otherwise risk insanity!!! lol

Tonya-I have no idea why the pattern is that shape!! It could just be me...except I saw a couple of other people having the same problem with the same patterns in the same book, so who knows.

And you definitely sew well enough to figure them out, so you should give them a try!! They are so simple, anyone can put them together; the appeal of them is the different lines that you don't always find in Western patterns. Is my learned opinion, anyway, lol.

Liz said...

It doesn't surprise me that they run short - the Japanese aren't known for their height. But the wide part does surprise me. When we were in Japan I think I saw a grand total of two heave people in two weeks...

Ansia said...

Hi there! I stumbled on your blog while searching for the Japanese Pattern Book you were talking about. I am really wanting to have a go at it and was wondering where you got the book from. I have searched high and low and short of some Japanese web page that I couldn't read - nothing! Your help would be appreciated. BTW - you make lovely things!!

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